Stacy McKitrick, Writer of Paranormal Romance

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Finding the Perfect Mate just got way more complicated.

When Perry pledges abstinence until he meets a Perfect Mate—a rare mortal perfect for a vampire—he doesn’t expect to be tested. Especially by another vampire. But Mandy smells like heaven. Has a sexy British accent. And is the smartest person he’s met. She’s just so … perfect. If he holds on to his fantasy, will he lose his chance at love?

Finding the perfect vampire was never on her radar.

Mandy has kept a secret for 500 years and she will protect it until her dying day. Then she meets Perry, a mix between bad-boy and nobleman. He’s sexy as sin and makes her laugh. He’s just so … perfect. But being his mate requires telling her secret. Can she trust him not to turn her over to the authorities or does she keep mum and let him go?


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